Gm Spiers

Spiers’ work, described by the writer JG Ballard, as “very striking and original”, explores the landscape of human nature, sometimes literally, in a world where the media is omnipresent and in which we are constantly under surveillance or scrutiny and increasingly isolated from each other and our true nature.

Francis Bacon’s abstract figuration, William Burroughs’ cut-ups, Ballard’s dystopian futures, Ernst’s surrealism and Warhol’s serial pop imagery simmer beneath the surface of Spiers’ images.

While studying physiology at Queen Mary College in London in the 1970s, Spiers began painting in response to the creative punk explosion happening at the time, however his principal work has its roots in the post-punk industrial movement of the early 80s, led by bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, and heavily influenced by writers such as Ballard and William Burroughs.

In the 1990s he moved to Glasgow where he worked for the photographic company Polaroid and painted in the WASPS studios in the East End of the City. 

While at Polaroid he became interested in digital art and was an early adopter of Photoshop and other digital tools.

He now lives and works in Cork.

Spiers’ work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in London, Glasgow and Cork.

This includes, in 2012, a retrospective ("Human Nature") at the Crawford College of Art and Design’s (MTU) Gallery on Sullivan's Quay in Cork City and the following year an exhibition of digital art from visits to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

A conceptual digital work called Station to Station was also part of the Talking Heads, Conversations on Mental Health event held in Cork in 2015.

Spiers now runs the Laneway Gallery in Cork where his exhibitions have included "Heroes & Villains" in 2022 and "Biology" in 2023.